Question by  Amyjane (20)

What are the best liquor shots?

I am going out drinking, and I want to be sure and order all the best shots that taste good.


Answer by  Vincent (75)

The best shots are the ones that taste good and get you drunk! Keep in mind that a shot with a lot of sugar in it will certainly provide for a really bad hangover the next day! Try a Lemon Drop, Mind Eraser, Snake Bite, or a Chocolate Covered Banana shot!


Answer by  em (201)

My favourite is Whiskey. It doesn't tase as strong as rum and tastes better than vodka. I usually drink Weisers but Crown Royal is also very popluar as is Jack Daniel's (though Jack's tends to give me a stomach ache) Good luck!


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

A buttery nipple is a great, rich, sweet shot. A B-52 is layered, tasty, and potent. A ginger snap tastes just like its yummy namesake. A lemon drop is a popular choice if you like a mix of sweet and sour. An Alabama Slammer is sloe gin, Amaretto, and Southern Comfort.


Answer by  drJ (841)

You'll probably want a "mixer" shot rather than one that is straight alcohol. Any mixed drink can be scaled down into a shot, like a lemondrop or white russian.

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