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Question by  jenae567 (35)

What are the best deals on telephone packages?

There are so many out there, I want to know which are really good deals and work well.


Answer by  Taylor17 (155)

At&t provides some really amazing Home phone plans which range from 19 bucks a month or even less. These plans often include long distance and are extremely great as a back up plan for cell phones when an emergency happens your cell phone wont work but your home phone has its own power source and will work almost every time.

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Answer by  Cody70 (32)

I enjoy using the Simply Everything package from cricket because its cheap and offers unlimited data for my whole family for a small amount per month. I couldn't believe how much more affordable it was than At&T which is what I switched from.


Answer by  jpkendall81 (36)

Joi offers a good deal starting out at $6.95 a month for unlimited minutes. Verizon also has several packages, starting out at $9.99.

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