Question by  Ascencion (54)

What are the benefits of drinking water?

If I can drink no-calorie Kool-aid, tea, or soda--what's the difference?


Answer by  cmaopep (239)

Drinking no-calories or diet equivalents of drinks actually can be counted towards your daily allotment of water, though drinking pure water is always better for keeping you hydrated and clean.


Answer by  Leah73 (71)

You should drink normal tap water, it will filtrate your organism, clean it from bacteria, infiltrate your kidneys and bladder. You should drink at least 2 l water per day if you want to stay healthy. Your skin will also look more beautiful, hydrated, fresh.It's good for your organism. I hope I helped.


Answer by  JoeJohnson (41)

Water is pure. It clears your body of all the toxins and any bad food you ate in the past days. Eating soft drinks gives you nothing but sugar or sugar-like additives.

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