Question by  varex (330)

What are the basic Judaism beliefs?

I am becoming interested in a Jewish man.


Answer by  douglus (190)

One of the basic judaism belifs is that God is one, He doesn't heve a body They believe that Jesus was a mere jewish man.


Answer by  butterflyblonde (250)

God exists and is unique, incorporeal, and eternal. He knows men's thoughts and deeds. He rewards righteous and punishes wicked. Pray only to God. Prophets words are true. Moses was the greatest prophet. He was given the Torah. There will be no other Torah. Messiah will come. Dead will rise.


Answer by  LIZLIT (9)

Beliefs of Judaism: God exists, God is one, God is unique, Prayer is directed to god alone and no other, the words of the prophets are true, the Messiah will come, and the dead will be resurrected.

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