Question by  kepke (46)

What are the average salaries for Sommelier?

I would like to know what Sommelier's are paid.


Answer by  gailnc (11)

A Sommelier's salary will depend largely on years of experience and location. A novice Sommelier can typically expect to earn on average $28,000 annually, potentially earning $160,000.


Answer by  bigdog22 (308)

According to information provided by CNN, a sommelier's average wage is near $68,000 a year but can range from $35000 to $149000. Like most jobs, this is generally dependent on your quality as a Sommelier. You should have at least a Bachelors degree and have an understanding of food chemistry and mathematics.


Answer by  Bob43 (11)

Sommeliers can be paid different amounts in different areas of the United States. The average salaries in general are 49,000 to 52,000 a year.

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