Question by  owais (15)

What are the average earnings of an opera singer?


Answer by  lpsalada (18)

Approximately $300- $1,500 per each performance. Of course, the experience helps also. So if you've done about 10 perfomances before, you'll probably get paid somewhere around $750. If you have 3 performances a week, for the year, it'll be around 30'00, but it all depends on experience, and performance amount.


Answer by  Sally10 (70)

The average earnings for an opera singer ranges from 50k to a couple of million dollars a year. No doubt depending on the show and the singer's ability determines how much the singer makes. Another determining factor is the amount a singer is paid is amount of time that the singer has been singing.


Answer by  Latha (264)

An artist get the earning with his/her performance. Small companies are gave 300-1000 dollars at beginning. Then raise the amount what they performed for example he/she earns 4000-5000 dollars per month.


Answer by  vaby42 (2)

Well, for the elite few you can do exceedingly well. I have heard of singers making upwards of $30,000. 00 for one or two performances of Handel's Messiah.


Answer by  Anonymous


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