Question by  Drain1Sth (23)

What are the advantages to alderwood cabinets?


Answer by  daja (26)

Alderwood is a softer, lesser grade wood than most typical cabinet woods. It is a very good choice if you want the look and added value of wood at a budget price. It also stains very well and will hold it's own against the higher gradesd more expensive wood available for cabinetry.


Answer by  mandi412 (19)

Alderwood is a softer lesser grade wood. It is a great choice of wood if you want the look and added value of wood at a budget price!


Answer by  Wanda98 (21)

The natural grain of alderwood shows beautifully when stained. It is hard enough to make durable surfaces. The natural color variations provide a visually pleasing and warm appearance. The finish is smooth to the touch. The cost of alderwood is competitve with other woods used for custom cabinetry. If you don't want to be like your neighbors, use alderwood.


Answer by  testing123 (4)

An alderwood cabinet stains well and is cheaper than other woods. These cabinets are of good quality and have durable surfaces.


Answer by  antoniosorci (23)

Alderwood cabinets have a very beautiful look to them for an inexpensive price. They are also have a fairly good quality.

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