Question by  Gus22 (14)

What are the advantages of using a RIVA TNT?

RIVVA TNT is a Real-time Interactive Video and Animation accelerator.


Answer by  Adrian27 (338)

No...RIVA TNT is a very...VERY old video board. You practically have no advantages in using this video board. I don't think even windows XP recognizes it.


Answer by  BillyBob41 (17)

Riva TNT is outdated technology from 1998. It was Nvidia's answer to 3dfx's Voodoo cards. A Riva TNT chip isn't going to hold a candle to any of today's current video cards. You are further ahead to buy a 25 video card from a big box store than using hardware that old.


Answer by  pcguy (307)

The RIVA TNT is a respected graphics accelerator created by NVidia since 1998. Advantaged are it's 2D and 3D support. It has faster memory than most other accelerator of that time.


Answer by  Phil28 (379)

The only advantage is that you can use it in rather ancient machines. The Riva TNT is a ten year old graphics card series that is not up to date.

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