Question by  knowitall (29)

What are the advantages of drawf apple trees over the standard sized trees?

I'd also like to know if the apples are the same size.


Answer by  wondergirl (6)

Dwarf apple trees can be planted in areas which are too small to accommodate a standard sized apple tree. Dwarf trees have the advantage of being easier to prune, spray and harvest, while still producing standard-sized fruit.


Answer by  stinkymess (310)

Small spaces can accomodate a drawf apple tree. The apples ripens faster than the apples on a standard apple tree. The palnt matures in haft the time and can be placed in potts.


Answer by  treemom (334)

The apples are the same size, it is the tree that is small. The advantage is that you can grow a small and productive tree in a small space, like your yard.


Answer by  alekhyadoodi (31)

there are relatively some advantages for dwarf apple trees than standard sized trees.dwarf trees need little space . care and maintainance of these is also easy.production rate is high .

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