Question by  Kathie (19)

What are the advantages of deep farm pond liners?


Answer by  Purrlharbor (42)

To hold, retain the comodity of water, and cut the growth of algea if black liner is used. Loss of water is less, water contaimination from run offs almost null.


Answer by  espraba (119)

1. It is recommended for potable water applications. 2. Highest resistance to UV rays 3. Will resist cracking to temperature of -65┬░Fahrenheit.


Answer by  madlambe (197)

They are resistant to UV rays from the sun and also to puncturesand tears. They release no toxins and will therefore not harm any fish or wildlife.


Answer by  eone282 (67)

you dont have to worry about seepage if you have a spill or DEP laws about wet lands also you can conform it to any shape. less mud in water


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

the deeper the liner the better the fish stay better in the winter and you will have more baby fish the deep the water and the clear it will be

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