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Question by  BrentByers (39)

What are the advantages of an open adoption?


Answer by  masterblaksheap (18)

The advantages of an open adoption are many. First the adopted will have a chance to know whom his/her parents are which help in knowing medical history as well as questions the child may have growing up ,such as which parent do I look like? also it is beneficial to have that family connection.


Answer by  patriots2005 (6)

Children around the world are searching for a family to love them. Opening up your heart will open up theirs to a life filled with love.


Answer by  foxmeadowcottage (8)

With open adoption, the adoptee has the opportunity to have a relationship with his/her birth parents and extended family. Most children respond well to what can be a potential psychological issue with rejection when the child understands that the birth parents do love them and want them in their lives.


Answer by  Venomous (13)

An open adoption allows the birth parents to stay involved in their child's life. While they are not the primary care giver, they are still allowed to be involved in a way that is hopefully beneficial for all involved. Their involvement can include support, love, involvement, and money.


Answer by  janeplowmanwindstreamnet (292)

With an open adoption your child won't have to search for their birth parents when they become an adult. Nor will they wonder why they were placed for adoption.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

With an open adoption the biological mother gets updates on the child's life. It gives the child a chance to know their roots which is important.


Answer by  Knivez (4)

You can possibly experience a new and exciting lifestyle especially if the child is of different ethnic background. This can lead to many new lifestyle attributes.

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