Question by  SallyJ (1010)

What are symptoms of a neck injury and inflammation relating to the arm and shoulder?

How will my arm and shoulder react to a neck injury?


Answer by  anonynurse (40)

Many times a neck injury will cause pain or stiffness from the neck through the shoulder and even down the arm. Sometimes it will also cause numbness.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

You will probably suffer a stiff arm and shoulder on the side of your neck that is injured. It will result from the unusual way you'll hold your neck.


Answer by  Radtech (18)

Many times after experiencing a neck injury, you will have numbness or tingling down one, or both arms. The nerves that travel down the arms connect to the spinal cord at the neck and an injury can pinch these nerves causing this sensation.


Answer by  eyesfan (111)

Arm and or shoulder pain relating to a neck injury could be a herniated disc in the neck. This could cause shoulder pain and arm or hand numbness.

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