Question by  palmerde (22)

What are superstitions associated with your nose itching?


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

Some itchy nose superstitions can be interpreted to include things like you are going to have a fight, you will get a gift, or you will kiss a fool! Besides these, people say it means you are on your loved one's mind, or you will be getting a letter.


Answer by  abccraft (85)

There are many physical reasons for your itchy nose. As far as I can remember the old wise tale is that you had better clean house cause company is coming.


Answer by  southerngirl (15)

I was born (raised) in the south and have always heard this phase quoted everytime your's or someone's nose itched. If your nose is itching, someone's coming (cummin') with a hole in his britches. I have asked since childhood as to who, why or when this superstition started. Might be just as southern thing!


Answer by  Anonymous

When im driving the middle part of my nose itch I always find traffic cops on the road. Or will have querel. My left or right hole: what I'm doing is not right.

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