Question by  ExWildChild (19)

What are standard Chevrolet heads and engine symbols?

I wold like to decorate my garage with Chevrolet heads and engine symbols.


Answer by  rjeyanth (194)

Get a hold of this book - 'How to hotrod small block Chevrolets". It has a great section on the symbols you are looking for.


Answer by  theblip (295)

I have a novel idea - Ebay Motors has a lot of these engines for sale and quite a few pics. See if you can decipher or get the Chevy symbols from them. Is a little painstaking, but you may actually enjoy doing this!

Reply by rejoice (216):
How about joining up a Chevy forum and asking around - you'll get plenty of help. Also try the Mortec site.  add a comment

Answer by  wonderman (201)

I've seen a symbol with a triangle on top of a rectangle on the head - it was a 1962 327ci engine I think. Looks pretty plain but I guess an auto enthusiast will love it.

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