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Question by  avak (19)

What are some Yankees trivia?

I am hosting a game night and want to include a section of Yankees trivia.


Answer by  georgie (88)

Question: Where did the Yankees franchise originate? Answer: Baltimore Question: Who is the Yankees all time homerun leader? Answer: Babe Ruth Question: Who is the Yankees all-time leader with career batting average? Answer: Derek Jeter Question: How many world series titles have the Yankees won? Answer: Twenty-six Question: What is the Yankees world series record? Answer: 130-88


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Who holds the record for the most hits ever by a New York Yankee (answer is Derek Jeter). What Yankee did Cal Ripken beat for the most consecutive games ever played (answer is Lou Gehrig)


Answer by  joe1964 (5)

Question Who is the Yankees all time leader in games won as pitcher? Answer "Whitey" Ford 233 wins in 16 seasons(1950,1953-1967. Question:Which All time Yankee great was at Omaha Beach on D-Day(June 6,1944) Answer"Yogi" Berra. Who's the only Yankee Pitcher to win 40 games in a season? Jack Chesbro 1904


Answer by  muzzi (39)

Yankee is a New york baseball team. Yankees trivia is a set of questions about the baseball baseball team called Yankee.

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