Question by  J (113)

What are some wedding secrets I should know?

I am just starting to plan my wedding.


Answer by  SurveyGuru82 (22)

Go to the bathroom before you get into your dress and find a friend willing to help you when you're wrapped up in it. Also, eat before you get there.


Answer by  tbk (257)

You can easily become overwhelmed with making decisions between you and your partner. Take your time and have lots of patience making any steps moving ahead. Try not to let anyone mess up what your expecting to be perfect. Allow both to participate in every decision made, maybe reverse the roles, you pick each others colors etc.


Answer by  Missy74 (262)

Put an inexpensive camera on each table at the reception (these pics can be better than the professional photographers) Have the best man have his speech checked by reliable people and practice it a couple of times. Go over all the pics you want taken by your photographer so none are left out on the big day.


Answer by  lcm (132)

Make sure your relationship remains the focus point - people remember how much in love the couple were, not what colour the chair covers were.


Answer by  dwammer (710)

Choose the flowers and gowns first because the colors available will dictate the rest of the wedding. Choose a variation of colors for black and white photos. Don't have the wedding too long because people usually just want to eat, drink and get to visiting. Be sensitive to everyone's feelings as to not exclude anyone.

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