Question by  tru (144)

What are good roulette strategies?

I need good roulette strategies.


Answer by  joshhand (27)

When I play roulette I use two different strategies, playing the inside and playing the outside. I like to play either one or the other on each spin. When I play the inside I usually play between $5 and $10 and always split the 0 and 00. On the outside I will play $10 on one color.


Answer by  sharpe (22)

common roulette strategy is to wait for "5-in-line" chain of one type of results(f. e odd,black,1-18 etc)when this happens u bet for opposite.


Answer by  worker5914 (33)

Roulette is a numbers game. one of the best things you can do is go for the easy wins. Its a simple 50/50 on black to red. Same for the even to odds. If your looking for the big win its best to stay to a number that hasnt seen any action. its number will be up soon.

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