Question by  AlexVelto (23)

What are some unique ornaments?

I want to sell some as crafts.


Answer by  Cindy56 (60)

Some of the most unique ornaments I have come across have been those made as frames for childrens' pictures. Other special ornaments can be made with natural materials taken from the area where you live and plan to sell the crafts.


Answer by  Glueman (106)

There are many was to make some unique ornaments but I would like to share my favorite. My favorite is using the shiny of a CD to cut and glue togather. All you have to do is cut out a cool shape from a CD and hang it to make a decoration.


Answer by  JENNAA (40)

Well some unique ornaments are ones that are made from scratch. I always like to think of angels and bells as unique. Also, the star on the tree is always unique.

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