Question by  mlh56880 (84)

How can I decorate clear plastic ornaments?

I love home made ornaments.


Answer by  James12394 (55)

Remove the metal piece of the ornament that holds the hanger. Pour various craft paint colors inside. Add glitter if you wish. Slowly and carefully rotate the ornament to give a swirled effect. Once dry, replace the metal piece. You can add details to the outside of the ornament if you wish. Embellish the ornament with ribbon or holly.


Answer by  bvaniea (312)

If they are hollow globes that can be taken apart and put back together then you can fill them with themed items. You can paint them, glue on pictures of family, friends, vacations..., you can carve into them, glue on glitter, use flame to melt them into unique shapes, and/or punch holes in them and hang things from them.


Answer by  thimblegirl (27)

I just use some plastic medium and craft paint. Just paint some designs on, add a little glitter and some ribbon.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Open the top of the ornament. Pour a few drops of different color acrylic craft paint. Roll the ornament around and the paint will blend together. Roll until all the plastic is covered. Put the lid back on and decorate with a ribbon or Christmas Greens.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I opened up the ornament and pasted in a nativty scene. Making the ornament look like 3-D. Or drip different color of red green and white inside the ornament. Decorate the top where the hanger is with paint snow. Top with glitter and a bow. And let dry in an egg carton.

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