Question by  yeswanth (235)

What are some unique Japanese tattoos?


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

A unique japanese tattoo would be your name written in japanese lettering. It would be unique while still being meaningful to you.


Answer by  Mekurai (30)

The more unique ones I've seen are of geisha, kabuki dancers, samurai, koi fish, lotus blossoms, wings such as full angel wings that take up the length of the back. There are also Japanese people who get full body tattoos over time, depicting a story and meaning.


Answer by  lucky1317 (75)

Koi fish symbolizing each family member or loved one are different but classic. Sets of symbols like True and Love or Peace and music are also fun. Another fun idea is a nickname or last name tattoo all in japense symbols.


Answer by  ktt (355)

It is not unique to get a Japanese tattoo unless you are Japanese. Especially don't get Japanese characters! Culturual emperialism much?


Answer by  DanielleG (219)

With real Japanese tattooing, you let it up the the tattoo artist to design it for you. Typically this takes up a whole back. You might want to try going to a parlor with a real Japanese tattoo artist to fulfill your needs.


Answer by  DavidMegenis (117)

Japanese flowers are very pretty in tattoo form. Also the koi fish is also a very beautiful tattoo. Their is also samurais and bonsai trees


Answer by  joinme123 (40)

Inteesting Japanese tattoos are designs with Japanese characters, Japanese maple trees, or coy fish. Characters are nice because they represent words, but are tiny. Japanese maple trees and coy fish are traditional to Japanese heritage.


Answer by  vegaspace (63)

Unique Janapnese tattoos are Coy fish and dragons. I like the coy fish because they can be very colorful. I have also seen people with words and phrases in Japanese.

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