Question by  debmalewski (1085)

What are some tips for repainting kitchen cabinets?

I am getting ready to repaint mine and don't want to do anything wrong.


Answer by  itsame (275)

Remove as much of the cabinet components as you can (doors, hardware, hinges etc.) and clean them each individually. Rough up all surfaces with sandpaper and then clean with a tack cloth. Apply paint evenly one coat at a time. Several coats may need to be applied to achieve the desired look.


Answer by  leroy (231)

Start by lightly sanding them, just enough to scuff them, after cleaning them off, apply a good oil base primer before painting.


Answer by  Jazmin (17)

One of the most important things to remember before you start painting is to prep those cabinets! It will seem like a pain, but this is a seriously important step and you shouldn't skip it. Over the years, your cabinets accumulate a lot of gunk. Be sure that, before you start painting, you give them a good cleaning!


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Be sure the color compliments the entire rest of the kitchen, but isn't too dark. Too dark will make the kitchen look smaller, too light will make it dirty easier. Use two-tones if needed to pull colors through. Definitely take the cabinet doors off and be cautious of the hinge area.


Answer by  Jordan10 (143)

You should start off my using paint thiner to get off the existing paint and then you want to sand down your cabinets so you have a good adhesive surface to work with. Then prime, paint, and seal them.


Answer by  CateP (171)

Start by dusting the cabinets and cleaning the surface. Next use a coat of primer to smooth the surface. Let dry and paint 2 coats of paint on the cabinet.


Answer by  pixiecat (250)

If they're wooden it's better to remove the old paint with some sand paper until you hit the natural wood. Otherwise you risk your new paint to drop off after some time.


Answer by  kalip (355)

Make sure you remove old paint first. Painting over old paint just doesn't look good. Sand down the area to be painted, clean and dry, then prime first. Then paint away.


Answer by  slickytfox (235)

Remove all hardware and whatever can be taken from hinges should be taken down. It is so much easier to paint as much as you can when it isn't hung.

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