Question by  jojobinky (12)

What are some tips for getting a good picture of a coin?


Answer by  john44 (42)

Use a macro lens or a camera with a closup lens. Use ligting from or distants since the distance from lens to coin will overexpose the coin. It you use flash on camera simple cover most the flash to cut down on light intensity.


Answer by  tedros (211)

You can use a close up filter (cheaper) or macro lens. Use soft light by a window or with diffuse lighting to avoid glare.


Answer by  Abbas (86)

Put the coin on a black cloth and shoot with soft light either from strob and soft box or reflected from a relector


Answer by  melon (250)

Firstly you better use the macro mode. You need good light, take the photo nearby a window where soft light enters.

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