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Question by  dan1658 (185)

What are some tips for curling your hair?

It looks ridiculous when I do it.


Answer by  hairgirl24 (78)

Separate hair into small, manageable sections. Bring curling iron all the way to the end of the hair to be curled (if not there will be a crease). Then curl as usual. Or wrap hair around barrel of curling iron for a loose curl.


Answer by  Stylist112 (136)

Always curl in sections. If you are just curling the ends, try to curl one section going up, and the next section down. If you are trying to curl in ringlets, try using a ceramic flat iron. It might be difficult at first, but flat irons make the best, longest lasting curls.


Answer by  swimchck101 (49)

The easiest way to curl you hair is to take it in small sections by clipping them into sections then spraying each part of hair with curling serum before curling.


Answer by  spin (166)

You could try putting styling spray on your hair before putting velcro rollers in your hair, and use your hair dryer. Or use curlng irons. There are many poducts in stores like foam rods which you curl around your hair. Always use Hairspray afterwards to keep your curls.


Answer by  shastie (1601)

The best thing to do is flat iron it fisrt. After that use a curling iron, that ways its not too curly and 80's.


Answer by  ihatetv (581)

If your hair end up looking like an electrocuted poodle, you are probably using curlers or an iron of too small a diameter. For more subtle curls, try bigger rollers.


Answer by  cquiggles (238)

If you have longer hair i would suggest to start curling the middle shaft of your hair first and then work up the rest of your hair to the scalp. This will allow for a even curl the whole way through. I also suggest to spray hair with hairspray before curling but let dry before touching with curler.

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