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Question by  Hassan (68)

How do you curl thick hair?

I have thick hair and I can never get it to curl.


Answer by  worker8654 (33)

First, start with 1-2 day old unwashed hair. Then, divide hair into sections. Starting with the bottom hair, spray hairspray prior to curling hair. Keep sections small.


Answer by  noey1958 (1405)

You may want to consider layering the hair because the hair is too heavy to hold a curl. Use less hair in each roller and hairspray the rolled hair.


Answer by  aecarpenter (516)

Make sure you use a good product made for thick hair and invest in a good curling iron. You can also try round brushing your hair instead of curling it. Another idea would be to visit a salon and ask them to show you the best way.


Answer by  SIDDHU (861)

Thick hair should be put into the curlers in small strands/portions and hot air should be blown for sometime. This will curl the thicker hair.

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