Question by  amraj23 (9)

What are some tips for cat care?

My family is getting our first cat soon.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

If at all possible a cat should stay indoors because the outside world can be dangerous to your cat. A cat needs regular vet checkups and shots to remain healthy. Cats need cat food, wet or dry, and plenty of fresh drinking water.


Answer by  Cazz (68)

Caring for cat's depends greatly on the breed. A good start is purchasing a cat care book. Research food, grooming tools and the best litter for the breed you select.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

Cats need special equipment like scratching posts, or they can cause problems by scratching up your furniture. They also like to be fairly independent, so don't keep them too confined.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

Fresh water every day. Dry cat food where the cat can eat as desired. Clean litterbox. Special safe place to call its own. Soft brush for shedding. Enjoy!


Answer by  Tracipoo (1329)

keep his or her litter box clean. make sure its had all its shots, especially rabies and feline leukemia. find a brand of food it likes. cats are picky. give it lots of love and care.


Answer by  kitty2 (25)

Cats are generally good about using litter boxes, so just keep their box nice and clean for them. Also prove the cat with a scratching post to protect furniture.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Cats are very demanding, require A LOT of attention and patience. With children, remind them often to let the cat come to them, chasing will only scare. Be sure to have at least one bed/blanket (in a window), a scratch post, and litter box. Cats like hidey holes and plants.


Answer by  stschott (47)

Introduce it slowly-- one room the first day, then slowly open up more rooms. It may take up to 2 weeks for it to adjust to your house.


Answer by  Pineapple7 (260)

Cats are usually pretty low maintenance but there are some things you can do to care for your cat. Brushing your cat daily, and keeping a clean litterbox will make your cat happier, and your home cleaner. Give your cat lots of love and attention, and always make sure your cat has nutritious food to eat, and clean water.


Answer by  PeachysMommy (49)

First of all, you need to "cat-proof" your home. Make sure that all of your windows have window screens, and that there are no loose electrical cords lying around on the floor that kittens can chew on. And you need some basic cat supplies: litter box, food dish, water bowl, brush, and cat toys. Good luck with your new cat!


Answer by  Pandagal1966yahoocom (58)

It's best to keep it in one room for the first couple weeks to be sure it's comfortable in the new envioroment.

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