Question by  tangman (26)

What are some tips for a low-salt diet for someone with Meniere's disease?

Other than recipes, I'm looking for a way to decrease my sodium intake. What tips can you offer?


Answer by  dee68 (244)

Cook from scratch at home, and if you must buy something pre processed or made make absolutely sure to READ THE INGREDIENTS, every time. Sometimes manufacturers change ingredients.


Answer by  AJ93 (182)

Eat fewer processed foods and restaurant meals, which are really high in sodium. Many of these have hidden sodium and you'd be shocked to know how much. Watch out especially for canned foods and try to stick with homemade meals and fresh vegetables and fruits. Also, keep watch on fluid intake, making sure you drink plenty of water.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Avoid drinking soda, since these carbonated beverages usually contain salt. You can switch to carbonated non-salt drinks like carbonated flavored waters. Use more garlic and herb mixes on French Fries and potatoes in place of salt. If you drink an alcoholic beverage, don't get one rimmed with salt.


Answer by  cupcake (360)

When preparing foods, avoid adding salt, pepper, or other spices or sauces that may contain sodium. Always check the labels on foods. Potato chips and many other snack foods contain salt. Avoid Ramen noodles and spicy foods which are packed with sodium.

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