Question by  ynf62 (21)

What are some tips about leveling kitchen floors.

My kitchen floor is not level.


Answer by  walter80 (409)

If you have a concrete floor you need to use a spirit level to check the level and gradually spread thin layers of additional concrete until it is even.


Answer by  GeoffKeoghyahoocom (466)

This will take quite a bit of expertise. You should acquire a level if you do not have one. After removing the floor and exposing the wood underneath very small strips of wood can be used to level the floor.


Answer by  hecarlso (196)

You can buy a product at your local home improvement store that is like cement but is design to level floors. You can also jack up the floor from underneith and add new supports to keep the floor level. If your subfloor has chunks out of it you could replace that section with new wood.


Answer by  Esme (535)

Identify the cause of unevenness. Remove the flooring and mark areas that are uneven. Clean the surface thoroughly and pour leveling compound on marked areas. Finally, smooth it with squeegee.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

For a non-level wood floor you will need to sand down the high area to even it out. If the floor is too thin or uneven to level this way thin you might want to consider just replacing it.


Answer by  nnlin (53)

You can use a bubble meter, which is a tube full of water and air. When the meter is placed on the floor horizontally, it will show the higher side by having the bubbles float to one side. When it is level, the bubbles will be exactly in the middle. Most meters are marked the exact middle for precise leveling.

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