Question by  Tam (24)

What are some Spanish-language Christian singers?

I want to make a gift to my friend who doesn't have English.


Answer by  Amy08 (14)

Here are some of my mothers favorite,''samuel herandez'','' Ezequiel Colon'', ''Fosfortio'',and ''Harry Maldonado'' those are the ones im most familar with Im pretty sure there's much more. Also ''Luis Santiago'', there all very talented and I should know she drowns me with this music. We're hispanic Christians and every Sunday after church the house is filled with this music playing.


Answer by  MarcusJose (7)

The following are the top five Spanish-language Christian signers and their best songs: 1. samuel herandez - "jesus siempre llega a tiempo" 2. Ezequiel Colon - "Carpintero" "De que nos vale" 3. Fosfortio - "Libre Soy" "Serguire Peleando" "Es El" 4. Luis Santiago - "Musica Christiana" 5. Harry Maldonado - "Tu No Estas Solo"


Answer by  eilrol (1431)

Samuel Herandez, Ezequiel Colon, Fosforito, Luis Santiago, Harry Maldonado, Hermanas Melendez, Carlos Luciano, Julissa, Rene Gonzalez, Roberto Orellana, Marcos Barrientos, & Marcos Witt.


Answer by  Anonymous

julissa,christine diclario,lilly goodman,salvador,jaci velasquez,hillsong en espanol,best,amalfi,crystal hernandez,melodie joy,art aguielra,eric lopez,marcos witt,sheila romero..theres a feel Singers...Godbless


Answer by  hrlamm (109)

A few well known Spanish Christian singers are Samuel Herandez, Ezequiel Colon, Fosfortio, Luis Santiago, and Harry Maldonado. These singers are well known and have major hit songs within the Christan genre.

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