Question by  heyjude (37)

What are some socially responsible index funds?

I don't want a bad company to profit.


Answer by  ethelbertIII (30)

The Calvert Social Index consists of about 480 of the largest companies considered to be the most socially and ethically responsible. The selection criteria consist of such issues as environment, weapons production, human rights, and fair labor practices. There are 2 funds which track this index: Calvert Social Index Fund (CSXAX) and Vanguard Calvert Social Index Fund (VCSIX).


Answer by  Billy25 (104)

The largest socially responsible index fund is the Domini Social Equity Fund index fund with over 500 million dollars under its management. You might also consider The Citizens 300 Fund.


Answer by  Vladlen (358)

I believe one of the oldest one is Domini Social Equity Fund (ticker:DSEFX). Other examples are Citizens 300 Fund (ticker:CFCDX) or Vanguard Calvert Social Index Fund (ticker:VCSIX).

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