Question by  good (14)

What are some romantic spots to propose?

I want the moment to be very romantic.


Answer by  JoJackson (177)

Paris in France is a very romantic place to propose. On top of the Eiffel Tower is very popular and romantic. If that is too expensive then her favourite place. Think about how to propose, if in a restaurant then can the waiter help with a ring on a rose?


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Pick a spot that is meaningful to you and your significant other as a couple. Pick somewhere that is either special to the both of you or a place that your significant other either really likes or would really like to go to. Your love will remember this for the rest of their lives!


Answer by  missv (26)

To make the moment most memorable as possible I would get a really nice suite. Somewhere like the Marriott they are always running some really nice specials. Upon request some Hotels will even provide some discounted resources of places to make your day special. Being that these events are always happening I would say it would be a great choice.


Answer by  EchoC (553)

Think of any beautiful places in nature near you, such as beaches or parks. Being in nature during sunrise, sunset or the evening hours may be especially romantic. Going back to where you had your first date, first kiss or other memorable event in the relationship may also work well.

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