Question by  mhaarhaus (18)

What are some popular vodka concoctions?

I like to use Blue Goose.


Answer by  kgoatley (22)

Vodka can be mixed with most any juice or juice combination. Vodka with orange juice is a Screwdriver. Vodka with tomato juice and hot sauce is a Bloody Mary.


Answer by  zoeypants (6)

I enjoy vodka and orange juice--that's pretty delicious. Another favorite is vodka and cranberry juice. Really, any sort of juice could work with vodka. One favorite of mine, is vanilla vodka mixed with root beer--delicious!


Answer by  michael94 (5)

grey goose cranberry and orange juice blended up with ice absolut with cranberry strawberry and cranapple juice mixed together skyy vodka absolut vodka grey goose and pineapple juice apple juice and cranberry mixed together


Answer by  benstac (1928)

If you are having a party one & one drinks are usually standard - vodka and cranberry juice or orange juice. You could also try a flavored vodka with sprite.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

A vodka twister is the newest rage. Take one ounce of vodka with half an ounce of jamaican rum over ice fill with sprite.

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