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Question by  Kalpesh (5)

What are some of the new hairstyles for women?


Answer by  NPRER (39)

Many women are choosing to wear sophisticated versions of the 'bob' or 'pixie' cut. These shorter cuts flatter women with feminine faces and accentuated cheek bones. Women feel that they are easier to maintain than longer cuts but still appear flattering and stylish.


Answer by  Sauve (435)

Braids, weaves, Tree braids, Mowhawks, French waves, foxy Rows, Twist, French braids, so i will say o need to be more specific on the hairstyles you are looking for Blck or Caucasion women.


Answer by  Duke (29)

There are a few new hair trends for 2010. The Latest style which involves colors and swirls is called the "Updo." They have diferent names within this style, like the "Embellished Updo," the "Rosette," and the "Whirl."


Answer by  alz (2329)

One thing that is really hot right now, is the loose waves, tousled hair look. This makes it look like you don't spend too much time on it and gives it almost a beach feel and it is very sexy. It looks like you are down to have fun and are not too high maintenance.

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