Question by  Haritha (25)

What are some of the environmental benefits of urbanization?


Answer by  selfishjean (40)

Urbanization means more people walking, which means less cars on the road, which means fewer carbon emissions from the production and use of auto fuel. In the same vein, public transportation is more efficient, as is shipping and supply.


Answer by  KeeyaZ (30)

Concentrating populations in high density urban areas can mean that there is more land left for wilderness, forests, wildlife habitats, and agriculture. It can shorten commutes so that there is less pollution from cars and other modes of transportation.


Answer by  Oz (67)

Concentrating people in one area allows for more efficient use of personal and commercial transportation systems such as light rail, HOVs and subways. People may also be more inclined to choose smaller, all-electric cars or find walking or biking suitable alternatives.


Answer by  HopkintonGuy (16)

Urbanization, if built with a robust public transportation infrastructure, can save on the transportation costs for distributing resources across suburban sprawl and private travel for commuting workers. It also can improve tax bases by fostering open commerce instead of the suburban environment fostering isolated non-taxed gray markets.


Answer by  Aries78 (5)

With an increasing demand on resources, technology advancements are leading to a reduction in the demand of non-renuable resources and reductions in pollution. Wind energy and nuclear technologies are clean ways of meeting some of our energy needs.

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