Question by  rixills (32)

What are some new ideas for my Christmas baking?

I am tired of making the same old cookies.


Answer by  Heather87 (60)

I love Christmas cooking. If you are looking to make desserts, in the place of cookies, try fudge. I also do things such as peanut brittle, dinner mints and divinity. We make chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and gingerbread houses. Also, banana bread, pumpkin loafs, and zucchini breads. I definitely think our favorite though is no bake rocky road fudge.


Answer by  rizuwanar (6)

My favorite are chocolate and caramel covered pretzles. They are easy to make, not too expensive,look so cute when decorated, and are always a hit!I have a couple of recipes that make a large batch of a base dough and then you turn that into smaller batches of different types of cookies.Im going to have to look for those recipes.


Answer by  Aurora (15)

Instead of using jimmies or sprinkles for decoration, try using colored sanding sugar. Use confectioners sugar and water or lemon juice as "glue", then dip cookies in sugar.


Answer by  sfrack (22)

make cookies that in christmas shapes and let your kids decorate them themselves. it is a great way to spend time with family and friends

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