Question by  phlc (19)

What are some modern management ideas?


Answer by  PaulB (26)

First, in an effort to achieve synergy, modern management thrives on the idea of the workplace acting as a haven for teamwork. Each employee is no longer and subordinate, but they are part of a team whose ideas help drive the company. Utilizing this frame of mind, managers can achieve greater results, and foster a healthy work atmosphere.


Answer by  wolferiver (122)

Some management concepts of today include mentoring; a return to quality; openness and honesty; and ethical leadership. Perhaps it is better to call them timeless, yet they are in renewal.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

Two possibilities; Management by Walking Around. Sounds obvious but many managers never leave their office, then Hold meetings while standing in the hall. Easier discussion, faster results, no snacks.


Answer by  kez (48)

Managing people is changing. In previous years for example, production line managers encouraged specialisation in specific skills, believing that this would increase efficiency. While this works to a certain extend, managers now recognise that employee ownership of the whole process is key, thus broadening employee skill base is now encouraged.


Answer by  JuzerMoiz (12)

Employees should interact and communicate freely while maintaining and performing thier task independently.The modern management ideas are responsibility,ethical management and leadership,well- balance at work and life,trading fairly,combination of matrix structure.


Answer by  Hypotypo (41)

combination of matrix structure and "laissez faire" in which enable all employee to interact and communicate freely while maintaining and performing their task independently.


Answer by  Kit (558)

There area quite a number of modern management ideas, like sustainability, globalization, microfinance, corporate social responsibility, ethical management and leadership, well-balance at work and life , trading fairly, communal enterprise

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