Question by  cnhewes (9)

What are some Mexican drinks?

Besides tequila...


Answer by  nola5786 (8)

There are several mexican themed beers inlcuding Dos Equis, Sol, and Corona. A very popular Mexican drink is Sangria a type of wine punch that originated in Spain. Rompope is a mexican type egg nog. Also Atole is a sweet drink consisting of liquor and brown sugar.


Answer by  jennylongshot (279)

Mexicans are big beer drinkers. In northern parts of the country, it's common to find American beers at your local market, but as you head south, more local brews are available. Also, mezcal is a southern Mexican liquor brewed from the agave plant and not commonly found in the US. It goes down smoother than tequila and is cheaper.


Answer by  TLynn (34)

Margaritas are great Mexican drinks for the summer. If you don't like sweet drinks, there are many good Mexican beers including Corons, Dos Equis, and Modelo.

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