Question by  angel83 (5)

What are some ideas for patio pest control?

The bugs are bad on my patio.


Answer by  mlnr (257)

A bug repellent candle, such as a Citronella candle or other variety, will keep most bugs away as long as the candle is burning. You can also screen off your patio with a fine mesh; if your patio is roofed, just hang screens and those will keep the bugs out that are bothering you.


Answer by  Bugturk (97)

Three common causes of backyard/patio insect problems are: Standing water (dump out all planter saucers, etc. , often to kill mosquito larvae); pet waste (picking it up will reduce flies incredibly fast); and yard/garden litter (can attract certain wasps, so should be composted or removed). Look for wasp nests around your yard, but have them removed professionally.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Spray a chemical called Malathion around the perimeter. You may also sprikle the powdered form of malathion around the patio and throughout the yard. Also make sure to remove trash or food which may attract the bugs

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