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Question by  sauvblanc (96)

What are some ideas for creative window coverings?

These blinds are hideous.


Answer by  StacyDeLoe (27)

To make a pretty and unique window covering, collect vintage handkerchiefs or napkins and stitch them together using a zig-zag stitch and contrasting thread. Vintage magazine ads and illustrations can be placed in plastic sheet protectors and linked together using key rings to create another unique window covering.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

For creative and affordable window coverings: 1. reflective solar screens, giving privacy while reducing your electric bill 2. bamboo roll up blinds, which are cheap and attractive 3. multi-layered lace chiffon, recycled from an old prom or wedding dress


Answer by  roserdozer (44)

I think the most creative window covering I ever made was out of scarves. I purchased in expensive silky satin scarves from random places. Then I created a pattern and sewed them together. They were very pretty and elegant in the sunlight.


Answer by  elsewhen (627)

you might want to try some strips of fabric, like ribbons or something like that. curtains don't necessarily need to be one continuous piece of fabric.

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