Question by  Varka (14)

How do you decorate bay windows?

I need suggestions for blinds, seat coverings for a window seat and ways to enhance the view of my bay window.


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

Do each window individually with cellular shades, when pulled up they are compact and leave view intact. Get "continuous cords" so there are no unsightly cords hanging. Can hang toppers, valances or cornice to hide shade. Depending on size of seat, check stores that carry cushions for piano benches or lawn furniture. You can sew toppers and cushions to match.


Answer by  Jim23 (303)

My bay window has venetian blinds that can be opened and closed which are really attractive from inside and outside. You can let in or shut out the sunlight.


Answer by  herzog (555)

I would suggest installing an insulated Roman shade. The insulated shade would hold excess heat out in the summer and hold heat in in the winter to cut energy expenses.


Answer by  sofia (32)

To decorate a bay windows you have to exlore for what space is.You can buy a plant and put it near to a windows or you can buy candles.


Answer by  Jim21 (177)

Personally, I would do three individual solar shades for each section of the window. You can do a 10% openness so you keep your view, but it will eliminate all of the glare and most of the heat.

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