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Question by  naynay84 (10)

What are some ideas for centerpieces with candles?


Answer by  Djbruton (583)

I love to hang them from whatever chandelier I have above the center of my table. That way, you get the ambiance you want without taking up table space.


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

Grouping candles of various sizes and shapes, but of the same color, on a plate or tray is an easy and inexpensive centerpiece.


Answer by  EducationAdvocate (44)

An idea is getting many different heights of candlesticks, either gold-plated or crystal, and placing them in a group in the center of the table. Use same colored candles.


Answer by  Jennifer08 (554)

I am trying to find the exact same things as I am planning my wedding. I have came up with the idea of getting pillar candles and wrap some silk ivy or flowers around them. Also you could put water in a vase and use floating candles.


Answer by  moggie (329)

One idea is to use short flowers around the candle, tea lights in a glass bowl, floating candles in water, and figurines next to the candle.


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

You could have the candleholders made of pine cones for a simple,natural effect.You could also make a wreath of silk flowers and attach the candles inside.


Answer by  Bob1006 (169)

Start with the theme that you want to achieve for your table and event. Select an interesting base for the candle - Items that are not normally thought of as candle containers. Be creative. But remember to be fire-safe. Then add any combination of candles in colors, sizes, or scents.


Answer by  DavidSharif (194)

Instead of using candlestick holders, try putting thick pillar candles in vases. Then add different items depending on the season. I've seen this done with wreath-like items placed around the base of the candle. Be careful of things that could catch fire easily. Maybe pretty waterbowls with small candles floating.

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