Question by  arkadeb313 (67)

What are some ideas for a birthday party for a 13 year old girl?

My daughter will be turning 13 and I want her party to be special.


Answer by  Anonymous

You could also have a suprise party for her/him if you want just ask a close friend or 2 to help with it. Or you could have a couple of girls over and have a blindfolded makeover as a game.


Answer by  skwiglez (641)

every girl is different. My mom took me and 3 friends to an indoor water park for a sleepover, it was awesome.


Answer by  kunkel (43)

We went to get our hair done one day and the salon was closed because the mother had rented out the salon to have her daughters birthday there. They did makeovers, got their nails done and did a photo shoot.


Answer by  Sheila93 (12)

the cake could be in the shape of the figure 13. You could have only 13 invitees Have a thermocal cutting of the figure 13 on the wall You could have a hoarding saying " First teenage birthday party" Hve a colourful bunch of 13 balloons

Reply by pazza (2):
thats so ghettoall I know is im going to be 13 in 2 weeks!!  add a comment

Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

Some good themes you can try are Bollywood,tropical,Japanese,literary characters,medieval,and French.You can also have a dance with vintage music from the 50s or Big band era--kids are often pretty good at jitterbugging and the quality of the dancing will be better than with modern music.


Answer by  yael (482)

You could plan an evening cooking party. Each girl gets an apron and a menu. They begin with making personal pizzas and move onto chocolate chip cookies and non-alcoholic fruit cocktails. You can vary the menu depending on your daughter's favorite foods. Then they get dressed up for a dinner party.


Answer by  tc25dreamer (180)

Have a girls night out! make sure to include the chocolate! have lots of games makeovers and more!


Answer by  jerezana (68)

at the age of 13 girls are intrested in make up wearing heels and being older. maybe try a teeniebopper type of party


Answer by  ivybaby21 (12)

I really need to know this to im turning 13 in may and i need and idea or a theme for my party an wheres a good place to have it an dont say hotle!!!

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