Question by  cash4us (12)

What are some ideas for 60th birthday invitations?

I want special invitations.


Answer by  Rochelle15 (22)

You could have sixty different sayings that the person's who's birthday it is going to be has said, or have been said about the person by family and friends, and you can have these sayings written all over the outside of the invitations.


Answer by  kunkel (43)

Use pictures of the birthday person throughout the years. As guests arrive bring they're invitations and guesss what ages the birthday person was.


Answer by  dni1111 (10)

i think invitations with pictures of teenagers partying would be a very good idea to remember the old times and to party like those times.


Answer by  jerezana (68)

nothing over the hill... people dont want to make fun of death, something that happend in the history books around 60 years ago would be nice

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