Question by  blissskr (24)

What are some hair products that are good for straight, thick, course hair?


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

If you have straight, thick, course hair you should make sure that you use a deep conditioner regularly. This will help with knotting. Leave in conditioner is a good idea as well.


Answer by  S93 (524)

Redken's Anti-Snap is a leave-in moisturizer that is excellent for straight, thick, course hair. It is about twenty dollars a bottle. Your hair will be smooth, easy to manage, and smell fantastic. There are also shampoo and conditioner options, also Anti-Snap that work well too for your type of hair.


Answer by  RAJINIVARMA (140)

I suggest the ayurvedic products for straight thick couse hair. Hairomax oil and capsule and Dhathri oil and capsule. Use the oil daily apply 5 min capsule 2 no 2times


Answer by  Anonymous

mizani coconut souffle is really goo. no mineral oil and petrolatum. i also use long aid hair revitalizer thickening growth oil and wild growth hair oil as my hot oil treatment. i recommended using these w/ weave.


Answer by  Answerguru (51)

I recommend Paul Mitchell Super Skinny smoothing serum. I personally use it everyday and I have the same hair type. It smooths your hair and helps drying time.


Answer by  devincarver (28)

I have always found that the best shampoo for long, thick, and course hair is hexxus. i also found tha suave is a very good shampoo and very cheap too.


Answer by  Jenna (587)

A great one is called Royal Blowout by Oribe. This makes your hair dry faster so you get less damage from your blow dryer.


Answer by  Mary39 (521)

Tigi hair care products are great products to use on all types of hair. These products have little numbers on the bottles that tell you in which step to use the product when styling. These products last long, though a bit costly. You can find them in almost any salon or online.


Answer by  anchavez (42)

Some good products for hair are shampoos and conditioners made to moisturize. Some good ones are Pantene, Infusium, Garnier, Dove, Redkin. Redkin also has good products that use light creams and sprays to help any frizz, moisturize, and smooth straight, course hair.


Answer by  leann89 (169)

AphoGee is great as well as Mizani and Carols Daughter. Carols daughter and AphoGee is more catered to natural hair while Mizani is catered to processed hair.

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