Question by  RajKumar (17)

What are some good words to describe winter?

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Answer by  Dan3686 (969)

Well winter is a noun so if you mean appopriate adjectives then, cold, bitter, dark, breezey, chilly, wet, wild, unpredictable, sharp, icy, dangerous, extreme, changeble, hibernation are all possiblities. Hope this helps!


Answer by  michaeledwardhourigan (462)

A few words to describe winter: Algid, biting, benumbed, frore, gelid, hawkish, hiemal, hyperborean,rimy, shivery, boreal, inclement, sleety, stinging, and numbing.


Answer by  Anonymous

beautiful mistletoe hibernation ice skating jackets light eggnog..hpe this helps(:


Answer by  Anonymous

Winter is: pristine, mystifying, mysterious, chilling, bewildering

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