Question by  DougThomas (74)

What are some good wedding blessings?

I want a good one, but not the same one you always hear.


Answer by  AKMGabriel (241)

There is a great passage on relationships and marriage by Kalil Gibran, and you could always go outside the box and do a different passage from his work The Profit. If you have a old uncle who is a minister, or a spiritual relative, have them write something personally talored to your relationship and beliefs.


Answer by  vpdeb (102)

One of my favorites: Let the Lord bless this union, unite this love and strengthen their resolve in their new life path. Bless them as lovers and helpmates and mothers and fathers as well as their mothers and fathers that have come before and brought them here. Be soul mates and best friends first.


Answer by  Lissameli (115)

I would look up your heritage blessings and the grooms and pick one from those. You can also reword a part of one if you don't like a line.

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