Question by  xveganx (1)

What are some good vegan foods?

I've just crossed over. I like to eat, by the way.


Answer by  jen37 (1135)

When I first started I would have died without Vegenaise. I found some kosher spinach dip mix, used Vegenaise and Tofuti better-than-sour-cream, and it rocks! Love Faken' Bacon, good for BLTs, and tofurkey smoked sandwich slices are good with all the fixings. Earth-Balance is the best butter substitute I've found.


Answer by  shendy (9)

This is one of my favorite vegan substitutions for baked goods, which is a food that is hard to emulate as conventional recipes call for all sorts of non-vegan items. For things like cookies, pancakes, and muffins (to name a few), bananas substitute as the emulsifier (the eggs) and make the food stick together. One large banana covers 2 eggs.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Organic fruits and vegetables are a great start to any Vegan diet. You can make salads out of them or you can do a Vegetable stir fry with them.

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