Question by  Kay63 (20)

What are some good interview questions for a bar owner?


Answer by  patti (29325)

It's always interesting to ask "why did you choose this business? " "what are the more positive aspects of the business? " "what are some drawbacks of the business? " "do you have an established clientele? " "what kind of schedule do you have? " "does the business help or hinder your pursuit of other interests? "


Answer by  trina (132)

1. how did they get into this business 2. how they break up brawls, if any. 3. their signature drink 4. most harrowing time 5. what they would have been if not running a bar.


Answer by  chuvixa8182 (266)

Ask whether candidates are of legal age to serve alcohol, whether they would be able to abstain from drinking alcohol on-the-job, whether they are patient individuals able to deal with situations involving inebriated customers, whether they are responsible enough to know when a customer has had enough. These are all excellent questions for a bar owner to ask applicants.


Answer by  Tiara (351)

How long has your bar been running? On average, how many people attend your bar every night? What are your hours and how many employees are currently working?


Answer by  Anonymous

So many bars fail in their first year. How have you managed to survive? What has made you successful?

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