Question by  LFgood (25)

What are some good household birds for beginners?

I want to try a bird for a pet.


Answer by  dvogele (121)

I would try a parakeet as they are very easy to care for and hearty. They can be trained and if handled regularly can be very friendly. They are also a smaller bird, so you don't have to have to get a huge expensive cage. A smaller cage, a couple perches and a mirror will entertain them for hours.


Answer by  shellbird79 (48)

Budgies are great birds for beginners. They are easily tamed and are generally friendly and hardy. Some may even learn to talk. Zebra finches are also great birds, but need to be kept in pairs or more. Also, zebra finches can be more finicky with temperatures.


Answer by  Ruby40 (372)

A parakeet might be a good starter bird. Find a pet store that specializes in birds and talk to someone who knows birds. They will ask questions to help you decide, and make sure you understand the bird's needs. Small parrots like parakeets and cockatiels require a lot of attention but are lots of fun.


Answer by  Raja3240 (3)

parrot,duck,hen,peacock are good household birds. parrot have good speech like humen beings and good looking bird. duck and hen give eggs for food. peacock feather are beutiful and it is safed in large cage.

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