Question by  captain715 (25)

What are some good excuses to get out of going to a party?


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

"Never complain, never explain" is a quote that has been attributed to a range of authors, but it is good advice here. An excuse invites argument. "I don't have a ride" gets met with "I'll give you a ride." In contrast, you can give a "never explain" response: "That's not going to work for me."


Answer by  Lisa45 (144)

You don't feel well and give many graphic details so no one would want to have you at the party for fear of catching whatever you have. Your car won't start. Your, parent's or friend's car broke down and you need to get them. You already have a prior commitment.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Just tell the truth. Say that you just don't feel like going. If you feel like that is to harsh of an answer then tell the person, "I already have plans for that night, but maybe I can attend the next party you have." Just be kind, most people understand that and they respect honesty even more.


Answer by  Az (343)

Here are some you could use: car problems, relative(s) in town, feeling sick, cat/dog/pet sick, project to work on, helping friend with an issue, "family emergency," waiting for important call, have to get up too early, no designated driver, already have plans or "something came up at the last minute."


Answer by  Anonymous

tell them that you have a paper due and your parent(s) want you to stay home and make sure its done...


Answer by  Anonymous

say u have an emergancy basketball game to late at night and another one at 8:30 in the morning!


Answer by  Anonymous

ur refrigerator is running and u have to catch it

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