Question by  wardray (13)

What are some good answers when a job application asks you the reason for leaving previous positions?


Answer by  TeresaL (150)

You should tell the truth. On a job application it is always best to say exactly what happened. For instance if they do a background check and find out that you lied on any part of the applications, most likely you will probably not be considered for the job. Honesty is one thing most employers want in their employees.


Answer by  rattfan80 (106)

You can say you are looking to better yourself and your career.You can say you are looking for a more challenging position. You can say you left to further your education if you did.With the current economic difficulties,you can say you left for the simple reason of needing more pay.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

There are a lot of good answers. Maybe you moved away from the area. Maybe you needed a position with more growth. Perhaps you felt that your skills could be better used and developed in another field. What you don't want to say is anything negative about the company or its managers.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

Family situations demand your shifting from previous job.The payment is not to your liking.Your You got an exelent review from others recommending you to join this job.


Answer by  curtmoncur (2)

~After three performance reviews... it is time to move on. To be honest, after thirteen years with the same employer, the face does not fit any longer. As it has been comented by my area manager... "I am past my sell-by date. "

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